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Hieromartyr Lucius, Bishop of Chur († around 180)

Lucius was a king of Britanni who left his homeland to preach the gospel in Augsburg and Raetia (Grisons). He was the first bishop of Chur and suffered there for the faith. His feast day is December 2nd (15th).

Troparion (Tone 5): Your life was only fully known to the Lord: You led a life of asceticism and prayer, far away from this world and its vain activities; you lived in a grotto and preached the gospel before you were accepted into the ranks of the martyrs. Saint Lucius, ask Christ God to save our souls!

Place of pilgrimage: Chur

Prayers to St. Lucius and St. Emerita

Hierarch Ursicinus, Bishop of Chur († 760)

Ursicinus founded the Disentis monastery, which he headed as abbot until his enthronement as Bishop of Chur. However, he then renounced the office of bishop and withdrew to his hermitage. His feast day is October 2nd (15th).

Troparion (Tone 4): Your life was often hidden from the eyes of the world: you lived for God in prayer and asceticism. You were a monk in the Disentis Abbey before you ascended to the cathedra in Chur and finally became a hermit, renouncing everything. Saint Ursicinus, pray to Christ to save our souls.

Martyr Emerita of Trimmis († around 170)

Emerita was the sister of St. Lucius, with whom she came to Raetia. In Trimmis she was beaten with fists and clubs and suffered martyrdom by death by fire. Today the Emerita Church stands at the site of her martyrdom. Memorial Day is December 4 (17th).

Troparion (Tone 8): Sister of the holy bishop and martyr of Christ Lucius: You were a perfect example of love. First with your brother and then in Trimmis, where you became a hermit. Holy Emerita, ask God to save our souls! 

Place of pilgrimage: Chur, Trimmis

Hierarch Asinio, Bishop of Chur († 5th century)

Asinio is the first documented bishop of Chur. He was listed as a participant in the files of the Synod of Milan from 451. His feast day is June 9 (24).

Troparion (Tone 1): You were one of the first hierarchs in Grisons and took part in the Council of Milan before you entered the kingdom of the Lord. You were a good shepherd of the Orthodox Church, leading your spiritual flock to Christ. Saint Asinio, pray to God to save our souls.

Hierarch Valentinian, Bishop of Chur († 548)

Valentian was the 7th bishop of Chur, famous for his charity towards refugees, the needy and prisoners. His feast Day is September 9th (22nd).

Troparion (Tone 1): You were a holy hierarch of the city of Chur and continued the work of St. Lucius by expanding his community and founding a Benedictine monastery for the glory of the Lord and his church. Saint Valentian, pray for our souls.

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