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prayers to st Hieromartyr Lucius von Chur and his sister the martyr Emerita von Trimmis
Troparion to St. Lucius, Tone 5

Your life was only fully known to the Lord: / you led a life of asceticism and prayer, / far away from this world and its vain activities; / you lived in a grotto and preached the gospel / before you were accepted into the ranks of the martyrs.// Saint Lucius, ask Christ God to save our souls!


Kondakion to St. Luzius, Tone 4

Let all people rejoice / because Chur has received the true light / through such a great patron saint / who has freed it from the darkness of night. / O holy Hiero-martyr Lucius, / your worship was according to the apostolic faith. / From this fountain you gave your city the cup of life, / as you yourself were a chosen vessel / foretold by the Lord. / Pray to him, our Creator, // that he also makes our souls into vessels of his Holy Spirit. 


Troparion to St. Emerita, Tone 8

Sister of the holy bishop and martyr Christ Lucius: / You were a perfect example of love. /First with your brother and then in Trimmis, where you became a hermit. / Holy Emerita, ask God to save our souls!


Kondakion Emerita, Tone 2 (General Kondakion of the Virgin Martyr)

Finding your all-revered temple / to be a source of healing for our souls, / we the faithful with a loud voice cry unto you, / O greatly renowned maiden-Martyr Emerita, // entreat Christ God unceasingly on behalf of us all. 


Prayer to St. Lucius and his sister Emerita

O holy Hieromartyr Luzius, enlightener of Rhaetia and protector of Chur! In distant Augsburg, you heard of the idolatry of the Rhaetians and hastened to the Swiss mountains to tear down idols like your teacher Timotheus did and to build the temples of the Lord. That's how you were made Chur's first bishop. Supported by your holy sister, you healed animals and people from unreasonable instincts and brought the light of apostolic faith to the people. You gave your life for this because some people behaved wilder than animals. Inspired by the same light, O holy Martyr Emerita, you have chosen the same lot. You testified to the same faith and followed your holy brother in beatings, imprisonment and death by fire. Thus the word of the apostles has been confirmed in you, that in Christ there is neither male nor female, but only one worship of the one God; one apostolic faith and testimony of the saints of Christ. As chosen vessels, you have given this to us all as our cup of life by the shedding of your blood.

We, who linger in unreasonable passions, now turn to you and ask you to set us free with the light of the Lord. Help us tear down our time's idols and become temples of the Most High. With all the saints of Rhaetia, pray to the one Lord that he may unite us in the faith of the apostles and choose us as worthy vessels of the glorification of his name, of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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