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Pilgrimage routes through Switzerland 

Various pilgrimage routes lead through Switzerland for hikers (and cyclists).

Way of St. James

The most famous pilgrimage route in Europe also leads through Switzerland.

Way of Columbanus

Since 2020, the route of this great saint has been researched and made accessible in Switzerland as part of the European Via Columbana.

Pilgrimage routes to Einsiedeln

Einsiedeln Abbey, the largest place of pilgrimage in Switzerland, is part of many pilgrimage routes. It is a station on the Way of St. James and the destination of several footpaths and the MeinRADweg, a four-day bicycle tour on the trail of St. Meinrad.

Pilgrimage Felix and Regula

In the footsteps of the itinerary of Zurich's patron saints, a pilgrimage route leads from Tierfehd (Linthal) via Glarus, Näfels and Uznach and Lake Zurich to Zurich. A pilgrim's guide can be borrowed at the kiosk of the Church of the Resurrection.

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