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Martyrs Felix, Regula and Exuperantius of Zurich († 4th century)

Felix and Regula were members of the Theban Legion. Together with their servant Exuperantius, they came to Glarnerland via the Klausen Pass. They then went to Turicum (Zurich), where they settled and served God. Because of their faith, they were beheaded at the site of the Wasserkirche in Zurich. They carried their heads 40 cubits up the embankment to where the Grossmünster stands today. Her memorial day is September 11 (24).

Troparion (Tone 2): Great are the accomplishments of faith. You have defied the tyrant, and in death you have witnessed life. Holy martyrs Felix, Regula and Exuperantius, pray to Christ our God to save our souls.

Places of pilgrimage: Andermatt , Zurich,  Linthal

Prayers to the Zurich city saints

Venerable Jola (also: Yole) († 5 cent.)

Jola was the sister of Romanus and Lupicinus and lived as a pious virgin in the convent at La Beaume (Saint-Romain-de-Roche), of which she presided as abbess. No special day of remembrance.

Venerable Eugendus (also: Oyend) of Condat († around 513)

At the age of seven, Eugendus was accepted as an oblate by Romanus and Lupicinus into the monastery of Condat, which he later led as abbot. Highly educated, he was a great ascetic, devoted much to prayer and spiritual contemplation. Out of humility he never accepted priestly ordination. He is revered as a miracle worker. His feast day is January 1 (14).

Troparion (Tone 1): You were a companion of Saints Romanus and Lupicinus and were elected abbot in the Jura, in the monastery of Condat, without being a priest. God granted you the bounty of healing and you became an admirable father to your monks. Saint Eugendus, ask God to have mercy on our souls!

Venerable Lupicinus of Condat († 480)

Lupicinus was first married, but later went to live with his brother Romanus in a valley in the Jura, in the wilderness, to lead a life of prayer and austerity. Among other things, they founded the Condat monastery, which is located in today's St-Claude. Lupicinus was considered an authority and a great role model for the other monks in the monastery. His feats day is March 21 (April 3).

Troparion (2nd tone): You admirer of the desert fathers of old, near the river Bienne you lived like one of them. Disciples came to you, and so you founded the monasteries of Condat and Leucone, which you led with your brother, Saint Romanus. Holy Lupicinus, ask God to have mercy on us!

Place of pilgrimage: St. Lupicin (FR)

Venerable Romanus of Condat († 463)

Romanus was the brother of Lupicinus and came from Burgundy. He was first a monk in Ainay (Lyon) under Abbot Sabinus. He then decided to live as a hermit in what is now Romainmôtier, where he later founded the oldest monastery in Switzerland. At the end of his life he was revered as a miracle healer. His feast day is February 28 (March 13).

Troparion (1st tone): You admirer of the desert fathers of old, with your beloved brother, Saint Lupicinus, you founded the famous monastery of Condat in the mountains of the Jura and, at a distance, that of Leucone. Saint Romanus, pray Christ to have mercy on us!

Places of pilgrimage: Pratz (FR),  St. Lupicin (FR) , Romainmôtier

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