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Saint Verena of Zurzach († 344)

Verena is from Egypt. As the fiancée (according to some sources cousin) of St. Victor, she joined the Theban Legion. In Milan she heard of the Legion's martyrdom and immediately came to Switzerland. She followed Viktor to Solothurn, where she buried him. Then she withdrew to a hermitage in the Verena Gorge and worked miracles with her prayers. A community of women formed around Verena, who increasingly devoted themselves to asceticism and the faith. Verena left Solothurn to settle first in Koblenz and then in Zurzach. In Zurzach Verena dedicated her life with special zeal to the sick, to whom she gave deep comfort and healing. Because of her godly life and miraculous works, many Gentiles were converted. Her main relics are in the Verenamünster in Bad Zurzach. The still existing hermitage in the Verena Gorge in Solothurn is a popular place of pilgrimage. Her memorial day is September 1 (14).

Troparion (Tone 3): You have followed the love of your youth, and have found the love of your heart, having dedicated your life to the love of God. You have served your neighbour in love. In this way, you have become a model of love, righteous Virgin Verena, entreat your Lord, who loves mankind, that he save our souls!

Places of pilgrimage: Bad Zurzach , Solothurn

More prayers to righteous Verena (in German)

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