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Venerable Beatus and Achatus von Thun († 1st century?)

Beatus is revered as the first messenger of the faith to Switzerland. According to tradition, Beatus came from what is now England. Converted and baptized by Barnabas while in Milan, he made his way to Rome. There, he was ordained a priest by Peter and commissioned to preach the gospel to the Helvetians north of the Alps together with his brother Achatus. On Lake Thun, he and Achatus lived in caves on the Beatenberg as hermits. Beatus was known as a benefactor, and legend has it that he slew a dragon by virtue of his faith. After his death, he was buried not far from his grotto. Many suffering and sick people subsequently found healing at his grave. To this day, the caves at Beatenberg attract many visitors. Her memorial day is May 9 (22).

Troparion (Tone 4): For the sake of God you became hermits and lived in asceticism and prayer, by the Holy Spirit you held yourselves to the limits of heaven. And at the end of a life consecrated to Him, Christ received you in the midst of His kingdom. Saint Beatus and Saint Achatus, pray for us!

Place of pilgrimage: Sundlauenen (Interlaken)

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