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Venerable Himerius († 620)

After a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Himerius settled in the Bernese Jura in the valley of the Suze (today called St. Imier after him) as a hermit and worked as a messenger of faith. Together with his companions, he cultivates a piece of land that St. Marius had given him. His feast day is November 13 (26).

Troparion (Tone 6): You left the vain world to go the way to God; from childhood you aspired only to heavenly goods. You went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and were ordained a priest by the patriarch, and on your return monks gathered under your pastoral staff. Saint Himerius, ask Christ God to save our souls!

Venerable Ursicinus (also: Ursanne) († 619)

Ursicinus was a student of St. Columbanus at Luxeuil Monastery. He settled as a hermit in the Doubs valley in the Jura. The monastery and town of St. Ursanne were built over his grave. His feast day is December 16 (29).

Troparion (Tone 6): Not with a wolf, but with a bear you grazed together as a lamb, Ursicinus, and took the name of him as your companion. So you anticipated the kingdom as on a holy mountain of the Lord. Pray to Christ our God that He may also keep our souls in peace.

Prayers to Venerable Ursicinus

Place of pilgrimage: St. Ursanne

Venerable Fromundus (also: Fromond) († 7th century)

Fromundus lived as a companion of Himerius and Ursicinus in the 7th century as a hermit in Bonfol in the Bernese Jura. Memorial Day is September 12 (25).

Troparion (6th tone): Companions of Saints Ursicinus and Himerius, with them you went to the solitude of the Jura, then you went away to Ajoie, and near a spring you built the hermitage where you lived until your happy birth into the heavens. Saint Fromundus, ask Christ to have mercy on us!

Place of pilgrimage: Bonfol

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