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Venerable Ottilia (also: Odilia) († 723)

Ottilia was the daughter of the violent Duke Eticho, who wanted to kill her as a newborn because she was born blind and who persecuted her after her miraculous healing and baptism. Years later, the saint visited her father at his sickbed, where he was reconciled with her and gave her a place to found a monastery - today's Mount Sainte-Odile near Strasbourg. As the first abbess of this monastery, she enjoyed fame and influence far into Switzerland. Memorial Day is December 13 (26).

Troparion (Tone 2): Born blind and condemned to death at your birth by your father, who did not want a disabled child, you recovered your sight through Holy Baptism. You met your family again and converted them. You then became abbess of a monastery in Alsace. Saint Odilia, pray to the Lord to save us!!

Venerable Martyr Wiborada († 926)

Aargau native Wiborada was drawn early to a life of asceticism and spent the last ten years of her life as an incluse (walled up in a cell) in the Church of St. Mangen in St. Gallen. As such, she became famous throughout Europe as a counsellor. Unwilling to break her vow and flee the cell, she died a martyr under the axe of the Magyars, whose attack she had predicted a year earlier. Her relics are now in the St. Gallenberg monastery. Her feast day is May 1st (14th).

Troparion (Tone 2): You were a nun, pious and secluded, and led a virtuous Christian life near the Abbey of Saint Gall. Devoted to asceticism, you did not flee from martyrdom when the time of trial came and went home to Christ, your heavenly bridegroom. Holy Wiborada, pray to God to save our souls!

Prayer to St. Martyr Nun Wiborada for divine advice and assistance

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