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Hieromartyr Pantalus, Bishop of Basel († 451 or 304)

Pantalus was the first or second bishop of Basel. He suffered martyrdom - according to old tradition, together with St. Ursula - at the hands of the Huns. His memorial day is October 12 (25).

Troparion (Tone 4): You were the first hierarch in the city of Basel. You accompanied Saint Ursula and her companions on their pilgrimage to Rome, and on your return, you suffered martyrdom in Cologne with the virgins who accompanied Ursula. Saint Pantalus, ask Christ to save our souls!

Place of pilgrimage: Mariastein

Martyr Ursula and the 11000 virgins († ca. 238)

Ursula was a British princess who, together with a group of virgins, undertook a pre-marriage pilgrimage across Europe, at the end of which she suffered martyrdom at the hands of the Huns in Cologne. She was accommodated on this pilgrimage in Basel. Today the Romanesque Basilica of St. Ursula in Cologne stands above the cemetery with Ursula's grave. Her memorial day is October 21 (November 3).

Troparion (4th tone): You have shown yourselves spiritually to be a host gathered by God for a sacred commission, ye martyrs and virgins. With St. Ursula, you have broken the snares of enemies. Pray to Christ our God for our souls.

Place of pilgrimage: Mariastein

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