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prayers to st Monk martyr Meinrad
Troparion (8th tone)

In you, O Father, the image has been carefully preserved. You took the cross and followed Christ. By your own works you have taught to despise perishable flesh and devote yourself to the soul, the immortal creation. Therefore thy soul rejoices, godly Meinrad, with the angels.

Troparion (8th tone)

You left behind your noble birth / you renounced the world for God / to seek His peace in asceticism. / You gave up your life and found kingship. / holy monk martyr Meinrad // pray to God for our souls.

Kondakion (2nd tone)

You have become the heir to the kingdom, venerable father Meinrad, for you have clothed the naked and sheltered strangers and testified to the love of Christ in death. Pray to Christ our God to save our souls.


O venerable father Meinrad, teacher of monks, lamp of the dark forest and martyr of hospitality: You have shown yourself blessed by the Father, for you have given food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, received strangers and clothed the naked. In this way you have obtained the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. You taught at Lake Zurich, ravens announced your martyrdom in the city and now your sound goes out into the whole world and teaches us to win kingship ourselves. You went into the darkness of the forest, you enlightened it and thus proved yourself to be a true student of him who is light in the darkness. You shone brightly in death and testified to us, too, that darkness has not conquered.
O Meinrad our father, do not abandon us who grope in the dark. Enlighten us with the light of Christ. Guard (your monastery and) us in the faith that enlightens the world. Make us lights that shine for those who are in the house. Pray with your descendants Eberhard, Thietland, Benno, Gregor and all the venerable fathers of Einsiedeln to the light in three lights that He will preserve us and keep us in His light of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and always and for eternity Eternity. Amen.

Whole mole life (Paraklisis)

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