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Prayers to Venerable Gall and the Venerable Fathers of Saint Gall
Troparion (Tone 1)

Venerable Father Gall, all the land sings fervently of your ascetic exploits, for which you set out on the way to Heaven, carrying on your shoulders the yoke of Christ, you showed by your life the grace of the kingdom, you who are now near the heavenly altar, pray to the Lord God for the salvation of our souls.

Troparion (Tone 2)

You came from Ireland with Saint Columbanus, you followed his steps to England and France, but you stayed on the shore of Lake Constance, where you founded a community. Holy Father Gall, zealot for monasticism, intercede with God for our salvation.

Troparion (Tone 4)

You proclaimed with the prophet, O Gallus: I lifted up my eyes to the mountains, from which comes my help. Thus rang out your prayers and hymns over the mountains of Switzerland, sending down streams of grace to those who dwell in their midst. O venerable father, ask him who made the mountains that our souls find grace.

Kondakion (Ton 4)

When Gallus found the place that you, O Lord, showed him, he planted a cross and sang to you fervently: O Lord Jesus Christ, you who saved mankind on the cross, let this place be consecrated to you and reverberat in eternity with the songs of your praise.

Kondakion (Tone 4)

You have lived here on earth like an angel in the flesh, illuminating the world with your holy ascesis, imitating the divine Master in your life and spreading countless miracles in the world. Holy Gallus, now before the divine throne, intercede with God to save our souls!


Kondakion of the Wandering Illuminators of Switzerland (8th tone)

In obedience to the word of the Lord you left your estate, house and homeland to make disciples of the peoples of Europe o venerable companions of Columbanus. From west to east you have established holy hermitages in our land. Thus your word went out to the ends of Switzerland and showed you to be like the apostles venerable Gall, Ursicinus, Fromundus and Himerius pray to the Lord that he will keep our country in faith.

Troparion to all venerable Saint Gallen (Tone 4)

You have become role models for the monks: You enlightened in obedience to your fathers and left life in obedience to your vows. This is how you overcame your passions and spiritually made your monastery flourish. Venerable  Gall, ask Christ, our God,  that he keeps us in obedience to his commandments and leads us into his kingdom.

Prayer to all Venerable St. Gallen

Blessed are you, Christ our God, who brought such rich fruits to the Swiss Church through your servant Gall: you called Otmar and Tutilo from the Lake Constance, Notker from Toggenburg and the wise martyr Wiborada from Aargau. They all fought the good fight and brought rich fruit to our country through their ascetic labours: Gallus, like Magnus and Eusebius, set out with his teacher Columbanus in Ireland on the white martyrdom and wandered through all of Europe. Following the word of the apostle, he obeyed his ruler, submitted to the prohibition on liturgy and reaped a rich harvest for the faith of Christ. Wiborada was obedient to her vows until death by the axe and advised the greats of the empire. In monastic obedience, Notker and Tutilo have served you, O Lord, as teachers, poets, singers, and in arts and crafts, giving the world precious treasures of faith. 
We worship their service, o lord. We praise their obedience, o master. We glorify their humility, o holy one. And we ask you to help us break the bondage of our passions by obeying your commandments. Sow in our hearts the seeds of the gospel that we too may be violently drawn into kingship. O merciful and gracious Lord, we have nothing worthwhile to offer you, so accept our effort, accept our purpose. Through the intercessions of the venerable Gall, Magnus, Otmar, Eusebius, Notker, Tutilo and Wiborada, anchor in our hearts the longing for your kingdom in which you reign, together with your beginningless Father and Your all-holy and good and life-giving Spirit, now and forever and unto the ages of ages. Amen

Moleben to the Venerabkle Gallus and all Venerable Fatjhers of Saint Gall (in German)

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