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Prayers to all the saints who appeared in Switzerland

Troparion, tone 8

As the beautiful fruit of your healing seed, / O Lord, Switzerland offers you all the saints / who have grown up on its soil. / Through their prayer, guard in deep peace / Your Church and our country // in the strength of Your Cross, O Most Merciful One.

Contact, tone 4

When Gallus found the place / which you, O Lord, showed him, / he planted a cross and sang to you fervently: / O Lord Jesus Christ, / you on the cross / saved mankind, / leave this place dedicated to you be / and reverberate forever / with the songs of Your praise.


Come, O people of the faithful, let us raise our voices together with Mauritius and his companions, with the holy hierarchs and hermits, and ask the Almighty for the salvation of our souls, so that Switzerland, which he protects with his precious cross, may echo forever from the songs of His praise.

Prayer to all the saints of Switzerland

Oh you saints who appeared in Switzerland, it is with great joy that we believing children of Switzerland offer you to the Lord as the beautiful fruits of our country: you have brought us the light of the gospel, you have cherished and cared for it through the centuries and against defended against all enemy attacks. We do not want to hide the same light under a bushel, but let it shine so that it may illuminate the house of our country. Therefore we ask you, oh friends of God, be a friend, help and example to us:

You, O Barnabas, Beatus and Achatus, Columbanus, Gallus, Fridolin and all missionary travelers, you have fearlessly followed the call of the Lord and have made disciples of the peoples of our land: help us to fearlessly proclaim his word in our time.

You, oh Ambrosius, Felix, Abondius, Lucius, Marius, Theodul, Benno, Pirmin, Johannes and Nikolaj and all you holy bishops, you have built up and cared for the Church of God in our country with your own hands: Help us, they - the Body of our Lord - to cherish and care for and to defend like the holy princes Sigismund and Klothilde.

You, O Mauritius, Victor, Urs, Felix, Regula and all you martyrs of the Theban legion, you martyrs from Nyon, you Ursula with Pantalus and your virgins and you Germanus, Placidus, Randoald, Emerita and Eusebius, you have our country with yours Baptized in blood: Help us so that we can bear witness in our lives to the love of Christ and the renewal through His blood.

You have, O Romanus, Lupicinus with your sister Jola, Himerius, Ursicinus and all you holy hermits, you Otmar and all the venerable fathers of St. Gallen, you Meinrad and all the venerable fathers of Einsiedeln, you Severin and all the venerable fathers of St. Maurice, you Sigisbert and all Venerable Rhaetia and you, Otilia and Wiborada, you beacons of asceticism, you all have placed royalty before everything else and lived a life of spirit: Help us too  to transform and first to seek kingship and its justice.

And Verena, flower of Thebes and wonderful fruit of God's love for our land, help us to love God with all our heart, soul and mind and our neighbors as ourselves.

With joy and exultation we now celebrate your memory of God's great grace to our country. With terror and trembling we now commemorate your memory at how little we are worthy of you. Help us to take up the cross which you have set up, that it may sustain and keep our land and us, through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, who was crucified on him and ascended into Hades and trampled on death for His good pleasure Beginningless Father, with whom He
blessed is together with His Holy and Life-giving Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen

Prayer to Akathistos

O saints of Helvetia, pious apostles of the pagan earth, monks and nuns who cleared the earth and planted the orthodox faith in souls, hermits, hermits and hermitesses, together you are the image of paradise where the pious souls from different nations live together in the love of Christ as citizens of heaven. Pray to God for us who live here on earth, that God may give us your courage, your perseverance, your strong and resolute faith and that he will deign to be received by you in the kingdom where the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit reign forever and ever. Amen

Whole proprium of the synaxis all the saints who have appeared in Switzerland .

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